The GT4 World Meet 2000

Visit the Status page for the latest antics and photos from the Meet.
Or, visit the Update page (May 24) for the latest information about the event.   

However, here are the tentative plans. 

Who: Everyone is invited.  I know it should go without saying but those unable or unwilling to respect my property should not attend.  I don't expect any GT4ers to belong in that list.

When:  Memorial weekend of May 27-29 seems like a logical time frame as it gives everyone plenty of notice to make travel & vacation arrangements.  If you want to arrive Friday or stay until Tuesday, that's fine with me.

Where:  My house near the north-side of Houston.  A map will be provided a bit later. 

How to get here:  Drive your GT4!  Or, you could fly in and take a taxi or rent a car.  Depending upon your arrival time, I may or may not be able to arrange a personal shuttle service from Bush IAH.   If you fly, I strongly recommend flying into Bush Intercontinental airport instead of Hobby airport.  Bush is within 30 minutes of my home, while Hobby is over an hour away.  Houston is a major hub for Continental Airlines and Southwest Airlines.  

Airfare Notice:
1. Although Southwest Airlines flies predominantly into and out of Hobby, which is on the other side of Houston from my home, SWA is offering an Internet special of $99/each way so go check their reservation center at   
2. As of March 16, roundtrip air fares are about $230 and $440 to Houston on Continental Airlines from Washington DC/Baltimore area, and Oakland, Ca, respectively. 
3. Like voting, "book early, book often." Book your flights now.  Actually, you may want to view the attendee list on the Update page, and see if you can coordinate a flight to arrive near the time of someone else so to share travel arrangements from the airport to my house.  This is especially true for anyone flying into Hobby.  Additionally, I'll provide my home and cell phone numbers to all attendees via email a few weeks before the event.

Lodging: Updated! Click here for the latest info on lodging.

Activities: At night, we'll go taunt the Hondaweenies of north Houston.  Meanwhile, we'll enjoy good company, good food, and free-flowing spirits.  I'm a big fan of BBQ, and I make a chili that makes you feel very much alive, if you know what I mean.   As for GT4-related activities, I'm open to suggestions.  I can perhaps arrange a trip to the local drag strip (Houston Raceway Park), on a night it's open.  I have talked my Toyota Master Tech into meeting with us to answer and/or explain any questions you may have about our coveted little monster.  

My neighbors are accustomed to my large 125+ plus parties, when I give them 2-3 weeks warning.  So, hopefully they won't mind a hand-full of cars over a long weekend.  

So if you're interested, please email me denoting your level of interest and the probability of attending so that I can get a feel for how many people to expect and plan for.   If you change you mind after telling me that you're coming, please let me know this also.

I look forward to meeting everyone.  This will be a lot of fun!

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